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Quick and Easy Key Fob

by She's Sew Fancy

Completion time: 10 minutes ( or less!)


Materials needed:

4.75" x 14" strip of fabric

4.75" x 14" strip of fusible interfacing (I prefer Pellon 808 for added durability)

1.25" metal key fob hardware and split ring  

Key fob pliers (optional, but a lifesaver if you're making these in big batches)



Purchase hardware and pliers here.


Be sure to share your finished key fobs on social media using #quickandeasykeyfob



This Quick and Easy Key Fob is about to become your new favorite project!  These are perfect for gift giving, stocking stuffing and more.  You'll need about 10 minutes to complete this project.  

1.  Begin by cutting a strip of fabric 4.75" x 14".  Cut a strip of interfacing the same size.  (Note: To get the most out of my interfacing, I tend to use 4" x 14" strips of fusible interfacing to allow for less waste.  Choose what you prefer.)

2.  Iron your interfacing to the strip of fabric.  If you are using a piece of interfacing that isn't as wide as the strip, center it on the wrong side of the fabric before pressing.  

3.  Fold your strip in half and press.  Fold each side in half again (outside edges should be folded into the middle crease you created from the first pressing) and press.  Your strip will now be approx. 1.25" x 14" with the raw edges hidden inside.  

4.  Using a 1/8" seam, stitch along both edges of the strip.  

5.  Fold the key fob in half so that the raw edges match.  Using the key fob pliers, attach the key fob hardware to the raw edge ends.  Be sure to get the raw edge all the way into the opening of the hardware before closing with the pliers.  If using regular pliers, use a scrap piece of batting or fabric to protect the metal as you close it.  This is not necessary with the key fob pliers as they have plastic protectors.  Attach split ring once the hardware is secured.  Attach to your keys and enjoy!   

6.  If you're making these in bulk, chain piece the fobs and use a thread cutter to separate them.  You'll save a lot of time this way and you'll have a big batch done in no time! 

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