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Rainbow HST Quilt

Oh, the ever loved and equally as hated half square triangle.

So simple. So versatile. So tedious to trim.

When I started making these scrappy HST's, I didn't have a plan. At all. I just knew I had too many scraps and they needed to be turned into SOMETHING. After cutting nearly all of my bigger sized scraps, I ended up with 180 6" squares. In case you're curious, 180 scrappy squares combined with an additional 180 white squares turned into 360 HSTs. (So. Much. Trimming.)

I took the HSTs along to our guild retreat to decide exactly what to do with them. The great thing about a quilt retreat is all of the honest input you can get. "Quilt by commission" is the phrase that gets used at our retreats, and thanks to the other girls that were there I was able to find the perfect layout for what easily became my most colorful quilt to date. I had enough triangles to create a repeating pattern from the opposite top and bottom corners that created a really fun transposed rainbow effect.

I paired this top with a colorful backing and binding that brought it all together perfectly. As for those HSTs...this quilt only used 143 of them. I was able to make two more quilts out of what I had left and only a few leftovers were tossed into the orphan block pile. I LOVE this quilt so much! Despite the hours of trimming, the result was definitely worth it!

On display at the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild quilt show!