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Candy Cat Quilt Along

I would first like to say...I am really more of a dog person. While I do like cats, and have two of my own in addition to my puppy children, they aren't my go to animal. Dogs will always have my heart. HOWEVER, these Candy Cats are just too cute. Their sassy attitude drew me in as soon as I saw the pattern! This pattern is free from Joanne of @Unicorn Harts. All of Joanne's patterns are fantastic and her Instagram is full of BEAUTIFUL pictures! And guess what...there is a DOG pattern too! Perhaps that will be my next selfish sew...

Kristi from Schnitzel and Boo is hosting this quilt along. This is totally free to participate in and is based on Instagram. Not only is it a fun selfish sewing project, but there are PRIZES involved for a couple of lucky people at the end (seriously crossing my fingers!). Check out #candycatqal to see all of the awesome Candy Cats that everyone has created!

I've challenged myself to use only scraps and a fat eighth bundle of solids for the cats themselves, but the grey Essex linen does required yardage. I love how their ears highlight different prints that coordinate with their eyes and nose!

In addition to the Candy Cat, Joanne released the FREE Fishy Bones pattern to add to the mix. His eye was a bit challenging, but the rest of his body zips together in no time.

As if the fish isn't cute enough, Kristi created a FREE patchwork "MEOW" block that is absolutely adorable. I haven't been able to finish mine yet, so I'll have to share that at a later time, but check out Kristi's tutorial on how to make it!

Here is a preview of my "Alley Cat Rat Pack". Which one is your favorite? Personally, the kittens are my favorite. The pattern is printed at 50% for these.

Candy Cat Kittens