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Quick and Easy Key Fob

I've made many different things, but these key fobs are always a favorite! I love to dig through my scrap bins and choosing larger pieces that are big enough to work for this project. I went for a full rainbow on my last batch, and the results were fantastic! Check out my Quick and Easy Key Fob tutorial and make your own today!

When I make these, I like to make them in bulk. I'll make anywhere from 25-50 at a time, depending on what quantity of hardware I have on hand. These make the perfect gift for your friends and family. EVERYONE needs one. Seriously! Having a bright key fob on the end of your keys makes it so easy to spot your keys down in the deep dark dungeon of your over-sized purse! ​

Chain pieceing makes this process go

super quickly. I like to use my Gypsy Cutting Gizmo to separate the fobs after they are stitched.

When it comes to key fob hardware, I like to order from I Like Big Buttons. They have different sizes, colors and quanities of hardware and the slip rings are included. Their prices are very reasonable and their shipping is always fast! Click here to purchase yours today. NOTE: I prefer to use the 1.25" hardware. My tutorial is based on that size of hardware. Adjust accordingly if you choose to use a different size.

Be sure to share your finished project on social media using #quickandeasykeyfob

Happy Sewing!

-Neysa Lyn

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